Wholesale Packaging

We offer a wide variety of warehouse packaging consumables to this sector. We provide both standardised options, as well as customised packaging solutions to our customer base. Carton products come in both paperboard and corrugated board, and are available in a variety of strengths and thicknesses. The majority of our products can also be printed to specific client specifications as required.


Delivering Quality at Competitive Rates

To provide the highest possible quality standards at a competitive price, we continue to put our manufacturers through their paces. Our manufacturers undergo rigorous quality and price-checking to ensure that we still offer the best products at the right price to our customers.


Bespoke Packaging

If you require a carton that’s “a little different,” something that’s outside the industry’s standard sizes, we’re happy to help. Our dedicated sales team will assist you in designing custom packaging to meet your specifications. We also offer packaging tape to seal your carton, which can also be custom printed with your logo for that extra appeal, pallet wrap, and even strapping, to ensure your products arrive at their destination in an immaculate condition.

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