There is something odd about making bold predictions.

Firstly, it feels like you are trying to pick winning lotto numbers, despite knowing what numbers are available to choose from, you really have no idea what 5 or so numbers will pop out.

But, like playing lotto lets give it a go and see what unfolds!

First Bold Prediction

The acceptance of approved plastics.

Yes, I know this may seem crazy thinking, but some plastics are worth keeping.

The plastics that are worth keeping should be designed for circulation and approved from a waste collection perspective.

For example, New Zealand has already made this change to standardize the kerbside collection of materials across New Zealand (so maybe this prediction isn’t so bold?).

However, this signals our prediction that approved plastics will be more accepted.

Kerbside Recycling Materials

Second Bold Prediction

Less is more.

Brands and businesses will be under pressure to save cost, and packaging will not be exempt from this process.

As a by-product of this initiative it will help guide many to redesign their packaging. By doing this, new innovation will arise from eliminating material or reducing the packaging.

For example, if a brand is using a 50 micron thick bag, exploring lower gauges will be top of mind. Or if a business is sending out orders using a brown box, seeing if they can use a smaller box, or downgrade the flute and grade (that’s packaging talk for strength and thickness).

Save money

Third Bold Prediction

Sustainable messages on packaging will be the norm.

This prediction is probably not new as many brands already use the packaging as a canvas to communicate their sustainable messages and intent.

But, what we do predict is more brands will make this the minimum requirement when thinking about designing their packaging. It will be more prominent for consumers to see, learn, and understand.

Hi-Tech Packaging Honeycomb Mailers

Fourth Bold Prediction

Packaging costs will continue to rise.

Unfortunately, like everything else in the market that seems to be on the rise, packaging will not be exempt.

This is particularly difficult for us to accept given we have been in the trenches and seeing firsthand how the impacts of the Russia/Ukraine War, COVID, Supply Chain Delays, US Dollar inconsistency and inflation continue to plague all elements of packaging.


Fifth Bold Prediction

Packaging waste becomes an opportunity for energy.

Consumers are creatures of habit. Unless we change our consumers behaviour, the packaging waste that comes with it will continue to be a problem.

We are predicting that this will force rapid innovation throughout different countries. The world will need to accept more waste streams that convert packaging waste into energy.

Similar to how the likes of Ecogas here in New Zealand, who turn food waste into Bio Gas.

Anaerobic Digestion

So, there you have it, five bold packaging predictions for 2024. Let’s see if any of our predictions come to life this year.

Till next time,

Hi-Tech Packaging Team