Wholesale Product Packaging

Our Services

Through a global network of manufacturers, Hi-Tech Packaging can offer a wide range of wholesale packaging supplies. Leveraging our supply partnerships of nearly 30 years, we make customised solutions and small runs viable.

Our Service & Supply™ team can also manage wholesale product packaging stock from manufacture, right through to delivery. We can create resource efficiencies across the supply-chain for our customers.

There is an increasing emphasis on eco friendly packaging supplies. In response, our team are developing strategies and solutions that meet the specific commercial and sustainability needs of the market.

Drawing of Samples for Wholesale Product Packaging
Hi-Tech Packaging offers warehousing and distribution of wholesale packaging supplies. We can provide a ‘just-in-time’ service to our customers. As inventory managers, the team ensure stock is always on hand.

Technical Knowledge & Know-How

Pallet wrap, pallet covers, tape, strapping, cartons and more. For nearly three decades, Hi-Tech Packaging has been supplying wholesale product packaging through our Search & Select™ service. Our Global Sourcing Specialist, Technical Director and Quality & Compliance Manager work closely with customers to design, prototype, and manufacture custom packaging.

We produce fit for purpose packaging that protects products in heavy-duty, warehouse environments. With decades of experience in the wholesale product packaging business, production is managed with great attention to detail.

Quality & Assurance

Hi-Tech Packaging operates robust systems and procedures for quality control and compliance. All wholesale product packaging is tested in the Hi-Tech Packaging Laboratory, ensuring products are fit for purpose.

Through the Comply & Conform™ service, our team will batch test products to ensure they have been manufactured to specified standards. These quality tests ensure products will perform as expected, and reduces the risk of product failure for the end user. All certification and documentation is managed in the Hi-Tech Packaging Quality & Compliance System.

Inventory & Supply-Chain Management

Through Service & Supply™, Hi-Tech Packaging offers warehousing and distribution of wholesale packaging supplies. We can provide a ‘just-in-time’ service to our customers. As inventory managers, the team ensure stock is always on hand.

We monitor stock levels, stock-turn and stock-age – and will prepare reports that keep customers informed about their holding. The Hi-Tech Packaging Management System can also forecast demand based on historic usage trends. We can also trigger orders and identify slow moving stock lines.

Sustainability Strategies & Solutions

As consumers demand more supply-chain transparency around packaging, our customers are requesting more eco friendly packaging supplies.

As sustainable product specialists, Hi-Tech Packaging researches and validates new and innovative products that have less impact on the environment. With the Hi-Tech Packaging Eco Impact™ tool, we are able to analyse eco friendly packaging supplies. The tool rates products against important sustainability factors, so we bring viable options to the market.

We work with customers strategically, to improve the environmental credentials of their packaging. We are interested in the work of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and support its vision of a Circular Economy for Plastic. This means we assess eco friendly packaging supplies across the complete life-cycle.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, Hi-Tech Packaging can provide Forestry Stewardship Council® (FSC®) products to align with customers sustainability goals. We can ensure the integrity of paper products across the entire supply-chain. FSC® is internationally recognised and we can confirm that raw materials have been sourced from responsibly managed forests. Contact us for more information.