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Complete Packaging Services and Solutions

Paper Bag Handles Detail

Service Overview

At Hi-Tech Packaging, we provide integrated packaging solutions to customers looking for services and support across the supply-chain. Our aim is to build trusted and long term relationships by offering complete packaging services, all under one roof. We call these ‘Hi-Performance Partnerships’ because we work closely with customers to achieve their desired commercial outcomes.

Hi-Tech Packaging offers more than just product packaging services and product solutions. Range reviews, warehousing, inventory management, distribution and reporting, can also be included. These extra services add value and can improve efficiency, saving our customers valuable time and resources.

Our systems and processes have evolved over two decades, and form the Hi-Tech Packaging Management System used today. Our product packaging services, from initial enquiry to delivery of orders, are managed in an integrated way. The Strategic Sourcing Team can confidently offer an end to end service.

Our integrated packaging solutions are backed by a track record of customer satisfaction across a variety of industries. Hi-Tech Packaging’s supply-chain delivers safe and sustainable packaging as part of a complete packaging services offer.

The Strategic Sourcing Team is highly experienced, with specialists including a Technical Director, Global Sourcing Specialist, Quality & Compliance Manager, Sales Manager, and a Purchasing & Inventory Manager. Customers are able to access expert advice through our Search & Select™ and Comply & Conform™ services. Our Service & Supply™ team make it easy to get integrated packaging solutions.

The Strategic Sourcing Team can confidently offer an end-to-end service, backed by a track-record of customer satisfaction.

Range reviews

Holistic packaging improvements

Hi-Tech Packaging can help to reduce costs and improve sustainability by reviewing a packaging range. Taking a strategic approach, we start by understanding the commercial drivers that influence packaging choices. The Strategic Sourcing Team can then investigate and present holistic options that meet a customer’s goals. Our integrated packaging solutions improve efficiency across three areas; sourcing (Search & Select™), standards (Comply & Conform™) and supply-chain (Service & Supply™).

Proven and tested solutions

Customers benefit from our independence, as we consider a wide range of materials and manufacturers when presenting new solutions. Using our Knowledge Base, customers are able to access the most up to date product packaging services from the global market.

With the Hi-Tech Packaging Eco Impact™ analysis tool, we are able to assess new materials against key sustainability criteria. Our assessments take into account the complete life cycle of a product as well as packaging performance. All new materials and samples are checked through our Comply & Conform™ service. This gives our customers peace of mind that packaging meets quality and compliance standards.


Warehousing and Distribution

Continual supply

Our warehouse in Auckland services a growing number of customers nationwide. For some businesses, the storage and swift movement of stock is critical.

Hi-Tech Packaging are experts at distribution and delivery and can help manage logistics. The Service & Supply™ team can handle large amounts of packaging stock and complex delivery requirements. We go the ‘extra mile’ with our integrated packaging solutions.

Channel support

The Hi-Tech Packaging Service & Supply™ team can manage sales revenue, merchandising and point-of-sale in a retail distribution channel. Monitoring competitor activity and customer satisfaction can also be included as part of the service. Our goal is to offer complete packaging services to busy management teams.


Inventory Management

Achieving efficiencies

The Hi-Tech Packaging Management System allows us to forecast and manage stock levels for our customers. This avoids costly stock-outs and lowers risk to their business.

Our team have been quick to use new technology, improving reporting and notifications, as well as automating re-orders. We are always refining and improving our systems to better support customers. To complete packaging services, we also provide customers with management data. This information helps them monitor activity and meet business targets.


Measuring performance

Service & Supply™ staff review performance metrics to address any service issues and errors. The team are pro-active and responsive to customer queries, fixing any problems quickly. We really value our relationships – so integrity, respect and fairness are at the heart of our service delivery.

Hi-Tech Packaging Service & Supply


Timely management information

Information from the Hi-Tech Packaging Management System can assist customers with forecasting, planning and performance. Reporting helps our Service & Supply™ team to accurately manage our warehouse stock on behalf of customers.

Where we manage distribution, we can also report on sales revenue, merchandising and service issues. This means we can provide more integrated packaging solutions. Detailed reports can be customised for the needs of each business. We hold regular meetings and ensure relevant data informs our customers’ management decisions.

Service improvement

Hi-Tech Packaging uses a number of quality control KPIs to track any product issues and monitor our own quality systems. Detailed service tracking ensures we are managing picking, processing and accounting activity well. We are always focused on improving our processes and product packaging services to customers.