Customised Retail Packaging Solutions for Business

Drawing Retail Packaging Solutions Sample Bags

Services for Retailers

Hi-Tech Packaging works with some of the biggest brands in New Zealand, supplying a wide variety of custom retail bags. Our retail packaging solutions help brands toward more sustainable products. We are specialists in branded re-usable bags, and offer a world of choice to meet customers needs.

The Strategic Sourcing Team has knowledge and technical expertise in designing, manufacturing and distributing brand packaging solutions. Hi-Tech Packaging can manage the entire supply-chain for retailers, making operations seamless and efficient.

Drawing Retail Packaging Solutions Sample Bags

For customers that cannot hold and manage retail product packaging stock, Hi-Tech Packaging offers warehousing and distribution. Our team makes sure that stock is managed effectively, ensuring fast and efficient delivery, and ongoing supply.

Technical Knowledge & Know-How

Hi-Tech Packaging understands consumers’ views about retail product packaging. Bags that are strong, fit for purpose and eco friendly, is what the market is looking for.

Our Strategic Sourcing Team can review current packaging and propose new materials and product refinements. For example, strengthening handles or down gauging, can improve the performance of retail packaging solutions. Promotional packaging such as branded re-usable bags need to present well, and perform well, with the end users needs in mind.

Having technical expertise in print and production processes means we can produce quality retail packaging solutions – every time. Our team is experienced with different print methods, and can oversee complex finishing processes in both local and overseas markets.

The Strategic Sourcing Team use the Hi-Tech Packaging Knowledge Base to source the best materials and manufacturers for retail product packaging. Jute, cotton, paper, mesh, drawstring, lined or unlined – we do it all, and more. With Search & Select™, the choices are endless.

Quality & Assurance

Poor performing packaging can cause damage to products and to brand reputation. A good user experience with retail product packaging is important.

At Hi-Tech Packaging, quality is monitored by the Quality & Compliance Manager through the Comply & Conform™ service. The team can check print quality, barcodes, swing tags and perform any other quality checks. Strength, impact resistance, seal and seam integrity tests, can be done In-house. The Hi-Tech Packaging Laboratory tests all retail product packaging to confirm compliance and ensure standards are met.

Using our Quality & Compliance System, we can manage standards and compliance across the retail product packaging supply-chain. The Comply & Conform™ team are excellent at managing local and international standards.

Inventory & Supply-Chain Management

For customers that cannot hold and manage retail product packaging stock, Hi-Tech Packaging offers warehousing and distribution. Our Service & Supply™ team ensures that stock is managed effectively, ensuring fast and efficient delivery, and ongoing supply.

The Hi-Tech Packaging Management System is able to produce detailed reports for customers, so management teams are kept informed of stock levels, turnaround, quality and compliance. We also help customers forecast demand, based on historic usage trends, making planning and ordering simple.

Hi-Tech Packaging can deliver to Distribution Centres – managing stock on-site for customers, or it can deliver retail product packaging stock directly to Retail Outlets.

Sustainability Strategies & Solutions

Hi-Tech Packaging understands the life-cycle of packaging. As sustainability specialists, we research and investigate the latest innovations, so we can offer customers retail packaging solutions that reduce environmental impact.

New materials for the Retail sector are assessed against key sustainability criteria with the Hi-Tech Packaging Eco Impact™ analysis tool. We then work strategically with customers, identifying opportunities to make their packaging range more sustainable. Branded re-usable bags are just one example of reducing plastic waste in Retail.

Using the Hi-Tech Packaging Knowledge Base, our Technical Director can compare different products and materials and present retail packaging solutions that meet key performance requirements. These can include cost, and sustainability targets.

Materials such as Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (RPET) help retailers and consumers to protect the planet by reducing plastic waste. Made from recycled materials, this material is both strong and recyclable – a circular solution.

Hi-Tech Packaging is committed to the goals of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the Circular Economy for Plastic. We can also provide FSC® certified (Forestry Stewardship Council®) products, so our Comply & Conform™ team can ensure the integrity of paper products across the whole supply-chain.