Specialists in Flexible Packaging Services

As an independent trading company, Hi-Tech Packaging takes a strategic approach to service and solving the challenges our customers face in sourcing, producing and managing packaging stock. Everything can be managed under one roof by our Strategic Sourcing Team.

Hi-Tech Packaging blends innovative materials and technical expertise with seamless management and reliable delivery through three service streams; Search & Select™, Comply & Conform™ and Service & Supply™.

Hi-Tech Packaging Service - Search & Select

Search & Select

Our specialists in global packaging solutions discover and review new materials and manufacturing methods. Through the Search & Select™ service, we look for global packaging solutions that meet our customer’s brief, quality standards and are fit for purpose.

Quality Packaging and Compliance Management Services- Comply & Conform

Comply & Conform

The Comply & Conform™ service enables us to reduce product risk for our customers and provide a high-level of assurance regarding quality and standards. We hold accreditations for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), and can provide Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certified products.

Hi-Tech Packaging Services - Service & Supply

Service & Supply

At Hi-Tech Packaging, our focus is on fostering long-term, strategic and trusted relationships with customers and suppliers. Customers are able to access expert advice and information easily, through a dedicated and responsive customer service team.

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