Our Commitment to Sustainable Packaging

Our mission and goal at Hi-Tech Packaging is simple.

“To provide safe and sustainable packaging, now and for the future”.

All our strategies and actions are driven by this simple mission.

Which is closely aligned with The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, The Ministry for the Environment, WasteMINZ and the Sustainable Business Network

Our goal is to provide sustainable insights and help navigate our customers and markets through the sustainable packaging journey.

We are also aware that any good sustainable journey requires lots of collaboration and is constantly evolving to do better and be better.

It’s why we have clear strategies around what we source, how we go about learning and who we partner up with.


KG of Avoided Imported Plastic into NZ


Trees funded through Trees that Count


KG of Inhouse Plastic Recycled


Remove all use of oxy-degradable plastics 100%
Convert all forklifts from gas to electric 100%
Convert all lights to LED 100%
Present alternative for 100T of PVC Packaging Materials in the NZ market. 100%
Save 15 Tonnes of Plastic through reusable bags 100%
Reduce the amount of virgin plastics by 25% 100%


Replace single use produce bags to reusable bags to the 3 major supermarkets 33%
Convert 950 Tonnes of single use plastic carry bags to paper 100%
Convert 200 Tonnes of NWPP to rPET material 100%


Recycle all photocopy cartridges 100%
750kg of inhouse plastic recycled 100%
4000kg inhouse cardboard recycled through Reclaim 68.05%
Research and develop a full circular economy for reuse retail bags 100%
Increase use of recycled content in virgin plastic products by 25% 100%

Source materials and resources to help with your sustainable journey

Explore the diverse range of source materials and resources we have found insightful and helpful. Whether you’re seeking in-depth reports, comprehensive guides, or a wealth of reference materials, this collection provides a broad spectrum of knowledge to support you and your business on its sustainable packaging journey.

Source Materials and Resources

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