Where are you based?

Hi-Tech Packaging is located in Rosedale, Auckland, New Zealand. However, we have customers from all over New Zealand.

What are your opening hours?

We are open Monday to Friday from 8am till 5pm. 

Do you sell to the general public?

We have some generic stocked items that we can sell to the general public. 

Contact us to see what we can provide you with.

What is your privacy policy?

Check out our privacy policy here.


What is your company's commitment to sustainability?

Our mission and goal at Hi-Tech Packaging is simple.

“To provide safe and sustainable packaging, now and for the future”.

All our strategies and actions are driven by this simple mission.

Which is closely aligned with likes of The Ellen MacArthur FoundationThe Ministry for the EnvironmentWasteMINZ and the Sustainable Business Network.

Our goal is to provide sustainable insights and help navigate our customers and markets through the sustainable packaging journey.

We are also aware that any good sustainable journey requires lots of collaboration and is a never-ending quest to do better and be better.

It’s why we have clear strategies around what we source, how we go about learning and who we partner up with.

What specific sustainability practices does your business implement?

We employ a range of sustainable practices, including energy-efficient operations, waste reduction, responsible sourcing, and social responsibility programs.

Check out Sustainability to learn more.

What is your approach to sustainable sourcing and supply chain management?

We prioritize sustainable sourcing by working with suppliers who meet ethical and environmental standards. We ensure our supply chain partners share our commitment to responsible practices.

Check out our certifications and partnerships.

What is circular economy?

The circular economy is an economic model designed to maximize the use of resources and minimize waste by promoting the continuous reuse, recycling, and refurbishment of products and materials. Unlike the traditional linear economy, which follows a “take, make, dispose” pattern, the circular economy is based on the principles of sustainability and aims to create a closed-loop system. In a circular economy, products, materials, and resources are kept in use for as long as possible, and waste is minimized through recycling and other methods.

Learn more at The Ministry for the Environment

How do I know if something is recyclable?

In New Zealand, the recyclability of items is typically determined by the local recycling facilities and councils. Recycling guidelines can vary across regions, so it’s important to check with your local council or waste management facility to get specific information for your area. Here are some general steps you can take to determine if something is recyclable in New Zealand:

  • Check with Your Local Council: General household recycling typically take glass bottles & jars, paper & cardboard, aluminum & tin cans, and plastics. However, it is best to check with your local council if you are unsure.
  • Review Recycling Symbols: Plastics 1, 2 & 5 can be recycled in your recycling bin, while soft plastics can be taken to a local drop off location to be recycled.

Remember that recycling practices can change, and it’s essential to stay updated with the latest information from your local council. If in doubt, contact your council directly or consult their website for the most accurate and current recycling guidelines in your specific region of New Zealand.

What are sustainable certifications?

Sustainable certifications are credentials awarded to products, services, or organizations that meet specific environmental, social, and economic criteria. These certifications are designed to help consumers make informed choices by identifying products and practices that align with sustainability principles. Several organisations and standards bodies issue certifications based on various aspects of sustainability.

Check out our certifications here


Do you only do custom packaging?

No, however that is our specialty. We do have some Hi-Tech Packaging generic items. 

Contact us to discuss further. 

Can I see some samples?

We do have samples to share with you. Click here to request samples.

If there is some specific samples you are after, contact our friendly team.

I want to customise my packaging. Where do i start?

That’s great you’re taking that step into custom packaging!

Our team is here to help make this process easy and affordable. Best place to start is contact us so we can gain an understanding of your requirements.

Click here to contact us today!

Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Yes. This question does not have a straight answer. We supply a large range of products and they have different MOQs.

Contact us so we can gain an understanding of your needs and we can provide a more accurate MOQ.


What services do you offer?

We provide a range of services when it comes to your packaging journey.

Learn more about them:

Search & Select

Comply & Conform

Service & Supply

Do you stock manage?

The Hi-Tech Packaging Management System allows us to forecast and manage stock levels. This avoids costly stock-outs and lowers risk to their business.

Our team have been quick to use new technology, improving reporting and notifications, as well as automating re-orders. To complete packaging services, we also provide management data. This information helps monitor activity and meet business targets.

Can I have all the stock at once (drop shipment)?

Of course!

We have options on how best to deliver your stock. Contact us today about all the options.

Have more questions?

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