Food Packaging

In this rapidly growing sector, exceptional standards are paramount. Our vast knowledge and experience enables us to source superior solutions for our customers. Our manufacturers are carefully selected from accredited suppliers, all of whom meet current health and safety standards and are USFDA approved.

Drawing from our network of manufacturing technology suppliers, we review the latest in techniques, materials and designs, to bring you the best product for your needs. And, to truly “make your mark” on your market we also provide customised gravure printing, for the perfect professional finish.


Beverages (more Coffee anyone?)

We source a wide range of coffee bags and stand-up pouches, and all our products can be customised to your individual brand requirements.

Recent trends have seen a market shift to higher demand  of beverages and coffee products. Noticeably, we have seen a move to the addition of spouts in these products in order to provide a ready-to-drink solution for consumers. For the growing caffeine crowd with a conscience, we are also now supplying a compostable solution to the market. Let’s drink to that!



It’s well known that we New Zealanders love our cats and dogs. In fact, 64% of New Zealand households are home to at least one companion animal. That’s one of the highest percentages of companion animals in the world! And for the pet lover, the fresher the food, the better.

We have developed a product range specifically designed to meet our furry friend’s needs. We are currently supplying the Pet Food market with shirred casings for cooked foods and pouches, including block bottoms with resealable zips for dried foods.


Quality Management Programme

We have developed a Food Safety and Quality Management Programme (FSQMP) to identify and control hazards of a food safety nature, and to manage issues that could impact on product quality. The programme is based on HACCP principles, as well as general Good Operating Practices (GOP), for businesses working within the food industry. This programme is audited once a year by external, qualified auditors.

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