Horticultural and Agricultural

The New Zealand export market enjoys renowned success in our Horticultural and Agricultural sectors. Or as some of our key customer’s put it, “New Zealand has become a food bowl for the world.”

To ensure we keep “putting our best foot forward” on the international export stage, sourcing the right solutions for our horticultural and agricultural products is paramount to our customers.

These products require the highest standards of protective packaging to ensure they arrive at their export markets in pristine condition. We are proud to be a major contributor in supplying these markets with trustworthy and cost-effective solutions.

The horticultural and agricultural markets present us with our greatest challenges. Pushing us to source more innovative products to service the diverse needs of this significant sector. Due to the seasonal nature of horticultural and agricultural export products, unique customisation and materials are often required for the diverse range of products, as each season’s requirements differ due to climatic conditions.

To ensure we provide the right support when and where  it is required, we focus on maintaining a close working relationship with the customer. Our Account Managers work alongside our many customers, to ensure all demands are met and exceeded.



At Hi-Tech we keep up to date with the latest developments in technological advancements in materials. This enables us to retain our stance as market leaders, by offering better solutions to our client’s needs. New developments can include long life products for produce, and compostable options for growers.

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