Industrial Manufacturing

The Industrial Manufacturing sector drives us to provide our most flexible and efficient supply options. Each piece must be “fit for purpose” as the requirements in the industrial sector are varied and demanding.

At Hi-Tech we work alongside our customers to ensure the optimisation of stock management for production demands, with smooth and consistent supply. Significant investment in cutting-edge software also allows us to use historical data and forecasts, to maintain correct stock levels for our customers. Now that’s smart stock management!

Over the years we have risen to the occasion for our customers in this sector. We are accustomed to processing packaging for complex product ranges with very detailed specifications, which can include technology such as UV ray protection, anti- static and anti-slip properties and other innovations.

Working with our customers, we also deliver to numerous plant locations within a corporation. Our Account Managers liaise closely with each customer to monitor feedback and future demand. It’s just one of the ways we keep on top of our client’s ever-changing needs, and how we stay ahead of our competitors.

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