Retail & E-Commerce Packaging

Working alongside Kiwi retailers for over 25 years, we offer a wide selection of packaging and bags for the retail sector. Our loyal customers can choose from a vast array of bags, available in all sizes and shapes, with full ranges of bag handle options to choose from. Bag materials include both paper and plastic, along with a growing variety of eco-friendly packaging solutions.


Courier Bags

The demand for courier bags has risen exponentially with the increase in online and internet sales. To support our customers and the growth of their brands, we place a strong focus on ensuring our courier bags are perfect for the journey. And together with our customers, we agree on aiming for total end-user satisfaction. The person placing the order should receive the product in the same condition that it left the warehouse in.


Your brand on the move!

Did you know we can custom-print courier or postal bags with your company branding? Our range of bags and packaging also includes pouches for documents, which if required, can be lined with bubble product for maximum content protection.


Eco-Friendly Packaging

As the modern world increasingly looks to more renewable and sustainable packaging options, we are committed to sourcing new innovations in eco-friendly packaging. Our team are continually reviewing the latest advancement in renewable and sustainable packaging from amongst our global suppliers, to provide greener options for our customers.

Our environmentally-friendly products include; sustainable resources –  in addition to reusable, degradable, biodegradable and compostable materials, which can be used for a variety of products.

Reusable bag material options include; Jute NWPP, WPP, Recycled PET, and cottons. Starch based products using PLA and plant sources can also be used as biodegradable and compostable bag material options.

We stand by the quality and credibility of our products. Our technical team scrutinise the overseas supplier’s qualifications to make sure they meet international, and our own, rigorous standards and regulations for all of our packaging products.

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