In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, every aspect of the customer journey plays a vital role in shaping brand perception and consumer behaviour. As we delve into the fascinating findings of the NZ Post Ecommerce Market Sentiments Report 2023, one crucial element stands out – packaging. In this market insight, we’ll explore the profound impact of packaging on e-commerce brands and how it influences consumer behaviour.

A Glimpse into the E-commerce Landscape

Before we explore packaging’s role, let’s take a quick look at the insights provided by the NZ Post E-commerce Market Sentiments Report 2023. This comprehensive study sheds light on the evolving trends, challenges, and preferences within the e-commerce sector in New Zealand. The report captures the pulse of the industry, providing valuable insights into the behaviour and expectations of consumers. In nutshell, it’s a really insightful report worth reading and discussing if you’re in retail or eCommerce space.

eCommerce Market Sentiments Report 2023

Packaging as a Brand Ambassador

Packaging is more than just box, bag or a means to transport products from the retailer to the consumer. It is an opportunity for brands to establish a visual and tactile connection with their customers.

In the realm of e-commerce, where the physical interaction is limited, packaging becomes the face of the brand. The NZ Post study highlights that 63% of consumers consider packaging important when making repeat purchases.

Distinctive packaging helps brands stand out in a crowded marketplace. Imagine receiving a package that not only contains the product you ordered but also reflects the brand’s values and personality. This tangible touchpoint resonates with customers, making the unboxing experience memorable and fostering a sense of loyalty.

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63% of consumers consider packaging important when making repeat purchases

The Emotional Unboxing Experience

Unboxing has become an online sensation in recent years, with videos and social media posts dedicated to showcasing the joy of opening a package. Ecommerce brands have the unique opportunity to tap into this emotional experience. According to the NZ Post report, 51% of consumers share their unboxing experiences on social media, making it a powerful form of user-generated content.

Packaging design, material, and even the way products are nestled within the box contribute to this emotional journey. When done right, it can evoke excitement, curiosity, and a sense of anticipation. Brands that understand the significance of this experience can curate packaging that enhances their customers’ emotional connection with the products they offer.

51% of consumers share their unboxing experiences on social media

Sustainability Speaks Volumes

In an era of heightened environmental awareness, sustainability is a key consideration for consumers. The NZ Post study reveals that 79% of consumers prefer packaging that is environmentally friendly. Packaging choices can significantly impact a brand’s reputation and influence consumer behaviour. Brands that opt for eco-friendly packaging not only align with consumer values but also position themselves as responsible contributors to a greener future.

79% of consumers prefer packaging that is environmentally friendly


The NZ Post Ecommerce Market Sentiments Report 2023 offers valuable insights into the dynamic world of online shopping. One of the key takeaways is the undeniable influence of packaging on e-commerce brands and consumer behaviour. Packaging isn’t merely a vessel; it’s a canvas for brands to express their identity, connect emotionally with consumers, and showcase their commitment to sustainability.

As e-commerce continues to reshape the way we shop, the role of packaging will only grow in importance. Brands that recognize the power of packaging as a strategic tool will be better poised to forge lasting connections with customers, foster loyalty, and make a positive impact on the environment.