Rubbish and Refuse Bag Suppliers

Trusted By NZ Councils

There’s a reason why we’re New Zealand’s leading supplier of rubbish and refuse bags. Our commitment to excellence across all our packaging solutions ensures that when it comes to the waste sector, our products stand up to the pressure.

Our rubbish and refuse bags meet and regularly surpass national testing and compliance standards. And we’re pleased to hear that we’re still passing the toughest test of all – market feedback. Our products continue to stand up to the scrutiny of the ‘general public test’, with no complaints received!

Offering an innovative, elite product to the waste sector, our bags are specifically formulated for strength and durability. Our rubbish and refuse bags are particularly designed for reliability across all seasons, and a variety of usage situations. Because, we agree that the New Zealand public should receive a product that won’t let them down or create unnecessary mess or distress.


Customisable Refuse Bags

Your customers are out at their kerbside on a weekly basis, so why not your brand? Did you know our refuse bags can be customised with unique artwork and colours? For the right brand, rubbish bag advertising is an innovative new way to reach New Zealand consumers, putting your brand message right out in front of your target audience, every week.

Choose a socially topical message in fitting with current events, or cultivate an eco-friendly brand perception with waste reduction messaging – it’s up to you. ‘Pay as you go’ bags can provide a flexible waste minimisation solution compared with a static bin size.

What’s more, we also offer a complete service solution for the sale of the refuse bags. We can take care of the distribution, merchandising, reporting, and debt collection, all on behalf of the customer, ensuring maximum penetration into their key markets.

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